Dining in Comfort & Style

Dining in Comfort & Style

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My idea of the perfect dining room set is one that makes you want to sit and stay awhile. Sure, it should be beautiful and fit your décor style and room size. But comfort cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to the dining room.

Now when we were newlyweds, my husband thought my thinking was a bit odd. His family ate their meal then got up and started the dishes. My family, however, are talkers and therefore lingerers. After dinner we clear the dishes and keep talking. Pour coffee. Talk more. Eat dessert. Talk more. Tell the kids to quiet down. And keep talking.

So you can see why comfort and functionality are important to me. Not only do I look for comfortable chairs, but the size and shape of the table are crucial as well. I want to be able to see and hear as many people as possible.

That’s what attracted me to the Hunt Club Square Dining Table. In addition to being beautiful, it has a unique square shape that makes it easy to see everyone. And it’s versatile: with leaves that extend the table to an impressive 72 inches square. That’s six feet on every side—perfect for entertaining and family gatherings.

One of my favorite features of this table is its shape. A square table not only looks unique, it also functions uniquely. It ensures everyone has room at their place without bumping and serving dishes in the middle of the table. And it’s a designer’s dream for creating beautiful tablescapes.  There is lots of room for table linens, fresh flowers, place cards and that final touch of something unique to the occasion.

There are many things to love about the Hunt Club Square Dining table—its rich finish, a base crafted from carved pedestals, and stylish leather and fabric chairs. Yet my favorite is its distinctive square shape. It’s stylish while being functional.

No matter what type of family you have—lingerers or not—your dining room (and particularly its furnishings) should encourage people to sit and stay a while. Whether they actually will, well that depends on your family dynamics—and what’s for dessert.

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