Gracious Hospitality

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One of the things I love about living in the south is its gracious hospitality. People are friendly and entertaining is a way of life.  I love that visitors arrive with a bottle of wine or a hostess gift and depart with much more.  Although I admit I’m still a novice, entertaining is in my blood and has become one of my favorite activities.  Every time I throw a party I learn something—like you always need more ice than you think!

Between entertaining and raising two young children, I’ve embraced the importance of storage. Preferably stylish storage. Don’t give me a nightstand or end table without drawers.  I need a place to stash papers and magazines at the last minute. The same goes for nearly every part of my home.

That’s what drew me to the Jardin Lattice Console, it’s gorgeous and multifunctional. While perfect for the dining room, it would also complement an entryway or keeping room. For me, it’s the ideal addition to my dining room. I desperately need storage for serving pieces and table linens that, quite honestly, I only use when I entertain.

Even more impressive than the functionality of this console is its beauty.  It draws inspiration from the walled garden at Biltmore Estate and the exquisite quatrefoil tracery in the stonework of Biltmore House.  A creamy, slightly distressed finish accentuates its carved look while adding a timeworn elegance.  And sinceI’ve moved away from the ‘matchy-matchy’ interior design aesthetic, it would be a lovely counterpart to my dark wood dining table.

I also like furniture that functions as beautifully as it looks. This console has two adjustable interior shelves and four spacious drawers. Literally a place for everything and everything in its place. Its top interior drawer even includes a silver tray.

For me, entertaining is about gathering family and friends and catching up. It’s a way of staying personally connected in our hyper-technological society. I think my love of entertaining connects me to the Biltmore in a way.  George and Edith Vanderbilt’s comfortable approach to gracious living and hospitality has distinguished their home and family for decades. While I’m typically just hoping to have enough beverages and not overcook anything, it’s nice to have examples like them. And even better to have a piece inspired by their legacy in my own home.

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