The Ultimate Bedroom

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When it comes to creating beautiful bedrooms, I say go all out. It may not be the room you spend the most time in, but it’s the one you see first thing in the morning and last before you go to sleep. So in my mind, bedrooms should be as attractive as they are functional.

George and Edith Vanderbilt must have felt the same way. In establishing Biltmore House as an escape from everyday life, they succeeded in creating amazingly plush bedrooms for family and guests. And with 35 bedrooms, that was no easy feat.

To create the perfect bedroom, designers often suggest starting with the furnishings and then choosing your colors, fabrics and accessories. In other words, begin with your largest and most expensive items and work your way into the room. As the biggest elements in a room, your furniture often becomes the star. And no matter how lovely a shade of paint or comforter you choose—you can’t out-accessorize an unattractive bed.

As for beautiful beds, it’s hard to beat a sleigh bed. There’s just something about a sleigh bed: a headboard, a footboard and tons of style. I’d pick a sleigh bed over just a headboard anytime. It has a finished look that’s just dreamy. Plus the name “sleigh” is so apropos; I literally imagine it as a sleigh—whisking me off to dreamland each night.

The Biltmore Panel Sleigh Bed is particularly captivating. Crafted of rich, warm woods it is full of style and timeless appeal.  Its silhouette has an updated traditional feel, while its detailing distinguishes it as a true work of art.  Dress it with soft, stunning linens and your room is nearly complete.

Sure, there are a few other decisions to be made: wall color, flooring, lighting, window treatments and accessories. Yet starting with this bed, it’s hard to go wrong.  Personally, I like a neutral wall color (think taupe, tan, greige or pale blue) and deeper or brighter colors for my bedding and window treatments.  That way I can change the soft goods out when I get tired of them and not have to change my wall color.

Another crucial element of good bedroom design is editing.  Try to reduce the amount of clutter in your bedroom and only fill it with items you really need.  By keeping it visually simple you give your eyes—and mind—a moment to rest. This creates a respite –a retreat of your own. And who doesn’t need one of those?

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