Marriage Counseling with Boulevard

Marriage Counseling with Boulevard

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When moving in with my new husband, we faced the all-to-common conundrum: How do we furnish our new place? On one hand, his furniture has vintage charm (also known as “hand-me-down” chic) while my pieces lean more contemporary. After much debate, we found common ground – the Boulevard Collection from Fine Furniture Design.

My new husband and I love the way the stunning finishes of the Boulevard Dining Table and chairs accentuate our current, re-purposed dining room furniture, while breathing new life into our space. The personalized detailing of the table creates an aesthetic that both my hubby and I appreciate. The styling of this amazing table delight all our guests, garnering us many compliments! (And who doesn’t love compliments?)

So, once we decided on the Boulevard Dining Room Table, agreeing on which bed to choose was simple – it had to be Boulevard!

Boulevard King Platform Bed

We wanted to continue the contemporary appeal of the unique shapes offered by the Boulevard Collection into the bedroom. Our perfect fit is the Boulevard King Platform Bed. Its upholstered headboard and base make this bed anything but expected. Add in the extra benefit of the nightstand that can be attached to the bed – it not only has the standard drawer, but it has pull-out storage and a cable-ready outlet! Talk about style and convenience!

In short, we can thank the Boulevard Collection for helping us get past our first hurdle as a married couple and for the exciting, beautiful new furniture!


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