Fairest of Them All

Fairest of Them All

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What’s in a mirror? Sure, you can see your reflection, but mirrors can be more than just something to check your hair in! Mirrors need to make a statement – which is why I was drawn to the Biltmore Collection Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror.

Biltmore Rustic Cherry Beveled MirrorThis piece is grand without being pretentious, drawing your eye to its artistic folds. The Biltmore Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror tells a story and I want to listen!

Hung on the wall or perched on a dresser, the lovely reflector will match most any décor and will flatter any room it dresses. Paired with the Biltmore Cornelius Cabinet, the Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror takes on the presence of an heirloom piece passed down from Colonel Cornelius Vanderbilt to George Vanderbilt.

Alone, this mirror dons the personality of the space it adorns. From vintage chic to contemporary elegance, this piece is timeless.The dramatic effect of the Biltmore Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror’s eye-catching design can be used like a piece of art; aesthetically enhancing the look of your space.

Adding this mirror creates the illusion of depth and definition within your space, going far beyond simple decoration. And, with its reflective quality, the Biltmore Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror can help mask issues like inadequate space or poor lighting, making your space look bigger and better!

So, next time you are staring at your reflection, make sure you are looking at the fairest of them all – the Biltmore Rustic Cherry Beveled Mirror!

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