Life Lessons with Biltmore Double Credenza

Life Lessons with Biltmore Double Credenza

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The first time I met my mother-in-law, she was hosting Easter dinner. Being the good little helper, I asked what I could do to assist her in her endeavors to set up the table. “Oh, grab the napkin rings out of the middle, top drawer of the credenza.” I soon asked my then-boyfriend – ever so quietly, so as not to embarrass myself – what in the world she was talking about. When he pointed to the credenza, I had an “aha” moment – how clever to have an elegant piece of furniture that contains the dining table accessories that actually accessorizes the room it inhabits! Once dinner was under-way, I decided to ask Nancy about her credenza. Turns out, it was a family heirloom, passed down to her on her wedding day. And let me tell you, it looked the part!

At one measure, its vintage charm was the focal point, at the other measure; the simple utility of the piece was what drew me in. With my wedding day approaching, I began researching credenzas for my own dining room – I wanted that focal point; I wanted to draw someone in. Then, I found THE ONE. No, not my husband… the credenza of my dreams – the Biltmore Double Credenza! Its look is timeless. The patterned doors speak to my aesthetic, while the antique mirrored front helps add the illusion of space in the room. The Biltmore Double Credenza also hosts adjustable shelving, perfectly fitting my sometimes oddly shaped china. It has doors and drawers galore, boasting a lot of hidden storage! I even use its silverware tray to store my silver conveniently close to the table where it is employed. This piece has made hosting parties and get-togethers so easy! Not to mention, it has transformed my dining room to a space where I desire to host. And to think, the ‘hostess bug’ may have not bitten me had it not been for the Easter Day past when I learned exactly what a credenza was and gotten one all my own. I love my Biltmore Double Credenza and I know you will too.

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