House Tour: Biltmore Blues

House Tour: Biltmore Blues

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Sitting on a hilltop, overlooking a lovely natural landscape of birch and oak trees, sits a fantasy of gracious beauty, its rooms filled with secrets of times past.Biltmore Mirror - Blues

Adorned with the southern opulence of gilded accents, the entry hall to this amazing home greets you and ushers you in. The blue walls offer a serene backdrop to the exquisite Biltmore Banquet Credenza, which serves as the focal point of the space, offering both intricate style and beautiful functionality.

The blBiltmore Pauline Desk - Bluesues continue into the office space, where Pauline’s Desk takes center stage. The owner of this vast estate, an avid letter writer, was inspired by the passion Pauline, Edith Vanderbilt’s sister, exuded for the written word. The flowing curves and handsome detailing of the desk has the visitor singing anything but the blues.Biltmore Metallic Canopy Bed - Blues

As the tour of this sprawling home continues, so do the blue themes. This time, the serene hue is present in the spacious guest room. Boasting a large four-poster canopy bed with metallic accents, this room induces envy in all who visit but do not stay. The airy feel of the room make all who are invited feel as if they are floating on air.

Biltmore - Panel King Bed - BluesWith our feet firmly on the ground, we tour the grandest room yet – the Master Bedroom. With sapphire hues and bronzed accents, this room is the gem of the estate. It is no wonder this room is referred to as the master – it is fit for royalty. The king-size panel bed is the principal feature in a room with no shortage of features! The dresser and nightstand flank the bed, adding to the room’s opulent persona. The tufted bed bench brings the space together, nicely accentuating the cerulean scheme of the room.

In all, this estate tour cannot be missed. The royal blue hues and ultramarine spaces make for exciting fodder within this home, making its visitors feel anything but blue.


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