How Far Does the Influence of Color Reach?

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We all know that furniture comes in many shapes and fabrics, in a wide array of both texture and color. But, did you know that the same systems that influence the patterns, shapes and colors in the furniture industry guides the trends in other industries that touch our daily lives as well?

You may have heard of Pantone before and wondered what it is. Pantone is a system of matching colors. At it’s simplest, Pantone started as a printing company that evolved into a color magnate developing a system for matching shades and assigning each one a numerical value. This system is now widely used by designers – interior and digital alike.

Each year, Pantone selects and announces the “Color of the Year”. This is the hue they believe best represents the spirit of the time, or zeitgeist. Along with the Color of the Year, Pantone creates Pantone View. The “View” is a great tool that pulls the Color of the Year together with corresponding and complimentary colors to create a variety of color stories. The moment the Color of the Year is revealed, it serves as inspiration for designers in industries from fashion to furniture. Where can you see the influences of the Pantone Color of the Year, you ask?

These selected colors and their various hues inspire everything from the color we paint our walls to a new shade of lipstick we select.  Both Behr and Sherwin Williams begin creating and promoting new shades of paint to match these colors.  The Color of the Year’s influence is visible in the hues of fabrics from the runway to your bedroom – and even to the upholstery on the comfy chair in your favorite hide away!

So, next time you are sitting on your Sand Dollar (Pantone 13-1106) sofa, looking at your Radiant Orchid (Pantone 18-3224) accent décor, just think of the long journey that color has made to become a part of your home.

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